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Game concepts:


Dome Discover is an action RPG video game , the story is based on a third person (single player). Basically the story is about human race that lives locked in Domes, each of them have their own specific biome . Our character would have the mission of getting into that Domes completing missions, fighting with the enemies and the DUX (final boss of each dome), helping to free people from these places.


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Human race is locked up without a way out. They have no choice but to live at the orders of the DUX, these can be:  monsters or superhuman, kind and generous, or just great dictators.  Our  character main mission would be to fight for human race liberation.  Each Dome will have its own biome, environment, history and secrets.  Also could be populate or completely empty and desolate.


Pueblo dentro del Domo Magna Foliorum



Game mechanics:


These will be divided into 25% exploration, 25% mission resolution, 20% combat, 10% solving puzzles and 20% sequences and Cinematic that tell the story and cohes these elements.


   Main dynamics:

  • Map exploration, fight against enemies, gain experience and manage inventory.  
  • Perform missions to reveal the plot and meet characters.  
  • Deal with the DUX to complete the domes.


Combat Mechanics:  


Simple and strategic battles will be established in real time, the player will advance through the map fighting with enemies that appear from time to time.  We will have two types of combat.


  • Hand Weapons: sword, shield, ax or bow.
  • Power Potions : such as explosion, water, life recovery, night light.  


As we move forward in the story we will collect them just to use in combat, interact on the map, completing missions or accessing to new areas.


Mecanicas de combate






Mainly for PC, windows and linuxLeaving the possibility of a conversion for Nintendo Switch.





Different types of biomes will be available depending on the Dome : it could be to have a town, several or just only one that will cover the complete level.  There will also be areas entirely filled with some element (water, fire, extreme gravity), preventing the player from entering unless he have the adequate resources.


  • The esthetic will be based on anime style of the 90s'.  
  • We will use Cell Shading for the characters, and in contrast to the scenarios it will be a realistic and cartoon mix.  
  • Outside areas will be a desert , it should be noted that each biome will be seen as cut once we complete the release.  Giving the feeling that they were contained within these Domes.


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To get more information about the game you can send us an email or contact us through our social networks.


Mail: contact@blackaprabyte.com 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BByte_official

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blackparabyte

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blackparabyte/