AB Human - titulo


It is a game that is played for you to live it in first person. In this game you could be able of being the protagonist of different and diverse lives and stories. You will e under different situations, such as: fight with enemies, solve riddles and as in real life: your decisions and actions will build your future. You can write your story and change it as you make your decisions and perform your actions.

Ciudad de Buenos Aires



You can be different characters, such as: the office worker who lives in first person how war begins at, the doctor who tries to do his job in the middle of the war, a captain fighting and defending his country and his soldiers and even an engineer specialized in creation. These are just some examples, there are many more options.

Here are some images and videos of the game:


ab human -  subte


AB Human - diseño de pistolas


AB Human - edificios 1


AB Human - edificios 2


AB Human - menu


AB Human - coches


AB human - mapa


AB human - ricardo



We want to thank our collaborators of the project, for the great work and also for the support and trust from the very beginning:


AB Human - colaboradores 1


AB Human - colaboradores 2


From left to right,



Now we are in the Tokyo Game Show 2018. During September, 2018 we had the possibility of attending to the TGS2018 to introduce AB HUMAN. We were in the Indie Game Area.


AB Human - TGS 2018


ABH - TGS2018 -notebooks


Here you can watch some videos:



We had an nterview by Japatonic boys.




The TGS2018 ends, we are proud.
But life, as in our game, is made up of decisions that shape our future.
It was a moment of decisions taken by others and by our own.
After thinking about it and convinced this would be the best option at this moment, we have decided to leave AB HUMAN on standby, until further notice.

Here you can see an explanatory video of what happened and why the decision to leave it on standby.