Dome Discover



Dome Discover is an adventure RPG with anime aesthetics set in a world populated by Domes, places where humans live without being able to escape. Each dome has its own biome and culture.


Domo - interior


16-year-old Aeon will live his last days with his family and friends in one of these Domes. This Dome is controlled by DUX Ananke, who does not allow anyone to leave. But there is a minimal possibility of escape: Every 100 years you must fight against the DUX of the Dome and thus be able to free the people from this confinement. But how will only the nine people who live in this little Dome do it?


Aeon - mirar cielo


Aeon - caminando



Created in Unreal Engine 4. You will carry out different quests to discover new parts of the story. Until reaching the final fight fighting the DOME of the Dome. You will use your sword to take down the enemies. And you will have a special weapon for each Dome.


Aceptar quest





biblioteca - Aeon








  • Created by: Rosario Evelyn Puche (








  • English Translation: Elizabeth Gubler






  • Collaborator multitasking: Fabian Quiroga


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